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Testimonials – 7 Day Fresh Start



Karen & Bob, FL

“Over the years, we as so many others, let our weight get out of control. We tried a cleanse before and it worked for a short while but this one is different! It’s based on real food and real knowledge. Being gluten free, sugar free (none of the fake stuff either) and 95% dairy free for 5 weeks has totally changed my taste buds. Why did no one ever tell me real food   could taste this good! We are making better food choices that will give us life-long health. I’ve lost 15 pounds and 16.5 inches in just over 5 weeks. I’m moving more easily I walked 3 .5 miles yesterday and it felt great! I have a long way to go but with the guidance of Nedra’s Fresh Start with all the menus, recipes, and tips for staying on program, I know we’ll succeed!”

Next phase:

Woohoo!! Things are going great here in sunny Florida. Eight weeks since starting Nedra’s Fresh Start Cleanse we are staying on the 180 Turnaround program and staying Gluten (and most other grains), Sugar and 98% Dairy free. Still eating Nedra’s wonderful recipes!

The results to date are…

Karen is down 21 pounds and 11.25 inches. Bob is down 15.5 pounds and 11.75 inches.

Michelle M. NC

“Finished the Cleanse week and the 4 week Rebuild Phase. I don’t own a scale but the tape measure showed that I’m down 9 inches! My clothes fit             better, I’m feeling better, and have fewer digestive  issues. I’m also enjoying more restful sleep and that’s a true bonus!  While I have always eaten mostly organic; desserts and dark chocolate were my downfall. The Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe in the program is not only healthy, it tastes delicious!

We CAN have it all!”

Darlene E. FL

I completed the 1st seven days of Fresh Start yesterday. I dropped 4 pounds, and 5.5 inches. I played tennis for 2.5 hours today and won both sets. Ooh LaLa, my body feels light and I have a  lot of energy.  Happy to be going forward into the rebuilding phase of this great program. Thank you Nedra!”

Tammy R. MI

“After just seven days on Nedra’s Fresh Start Cleanse, I’m down 6.5 pounds, and 7.5 inches. I’ve never had this success starting any program. I feel great. My goal is to shed 20 pounds by April 9th.  Then I’ll buy a new pair of running shoes!”


Jen & Bob B., NJ

We are 5 weeks into the Fresh Start program. Bob’s goal was to shrink his belly and begin eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. He’s made great progress on both!  He’s dropped 9 pounds and 6.5 inches.

More importantly he has more energy, fewer  “blah” feelings and less sinus issues.”

“My initial goal was to drop the weight I’ve been holding and I did drop 8.5 pounds and 8 inches in two weeks. However, I’m most excited that the migraines I had once a day for the previous 3 weeks were gone by day four of Fresh Start and have not returned five weeks later. That means no pain meds! My sinus issues have improved, my backache is gone and the cravings for sugar and caffeine are also gone. It’s incredible that I could experience all these benefits after suffering for many months!”

Eileen R., NC

I just completed the first seven days of Fresh Start. Although I felt sluggish on Day one, I was rested  and interested in life and all its activities from  Day two onward. I love the recipes for creative ways to fix the fresh fruit and vegetables. I’m down 5.8 pounds, and 5.75 inches. On to Phase Two and more success!”

Paula P. Cape Cod

Cleanse Complete: Today was my first day after the 7 days. The entire week I felt just fine, normal energy, normal workouts with my personal trainer, gave a presentation on the Cleanse to my BNI networking group Thursday morning. I lost 5# (forgot to measure, will tonight), and this was after already having dropped 35# in the last year. One interesting   thing: the first day I was so hungry all day, then the further into the week I went, the less hungry I was      overall each day. But YES I ate all my veggies! That first cup of coffee did taste good this morning! My first participant finishes her cleansed week tomorrow, then on to Rebuild. She’s been feeling good, staying on track, and excited. She bought the TurnAround kit and Vitalizer, ultimate goal to lose 50#

Rochelle P.

Hello All! I just wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on in my groups. So, my original two ladies are now in their 4th week of the FSC and they are doing great! Between the two of them, they have lost 27 pounds. One has gone on to purchase a FitBit and now is getting her steps in everyday. She  has no pain in her body, she’s full of energy, sleeping well every night, has no cravings for sugar, salt, sodas, any carbs at all, and committed to staying        away from ALL carbs for the length of the program.

The other original lady is doing extremely well also. She has lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the program, has no pain in her body, people are noticing her change in size, is much happier with  herself, is becoming a big influence on her family  members, and has no cravings for anything bad.

They both just overall have a better outlook on   life. As for my group of 4 ladies who finished their first 7 days Sunday, they were equally as successful! One lost 8.8 pounds, another 8 pounds, another 6 pounds and the last was 5.5 pounds. The two with the lowest weight loss are both diabetics, therefore,

their diets were a little modified as prescribed in the guidebook. But, they all had great “non-weight loss” results as well! They discovered that they had control over their eating after all, their cravings went away (so much so that one of the ladies had a birthday last week and didn’t eat any cake), one lady who couldn’t tell me the last time she has gone a day without coffee, survived 7 days with no coffee. She plans to continue with this trend. One of the diabetics who was reporting fasting sugars of 130+ in the mornings before FSC, is now reporting numbers around 102 and even lower when she exercises. She sees first-hand how reaching her goals are definitely a possibility! I can go on and on about their results. The bottom line is that this program is great for any and everyone!!! I highly recommend it! I have my first male who started Monday and I’m working with another female who also started Monday.

And, I already have another female set to start next Monday. I will continue to promote this program.   It’s a real winner!!

Lynn B. Plymouth, MA

“I’m now into three weeks of Fresh Start and I absolutely love it. when I first started, I have had a terrible head cold and cough with copious amount of mucus I had it for 3 to 4 weeks. No matter what   I did I couldn’t get rid of it. Five days into my first  week of Fresh Start,  the cough and mucus were gone. I absolutely love your recipes and I use them every day!

I love eating all the fresh fruits and vegetables and the smoothies I feel like a new person. I’ve gotten my husband into the smoothies as well. All the food tastes wonderful and so satisfying. I thank you so much for all your hard work it’s paying off for me and lots and lots of people

Four Teen Age Boys coached by Fresh Start Trainer Shannon B.

Before my cleanse I felt bloated and now I feel skinnier. I notice that I have more energy and I feel great. It is good to get skinny. I am proud of my weight – I lost 8 pounds.

P.B age 14

Before I started the Fresh Start Cleanse for teens I felt bloated. Now I feel clean and more clear. I am definitely less tired. The best thing I learned is how to cut out gluten and how I feel better when I don’t eat it. I also notice that I can pay attention better in school.

S.B age 15

Before starting my cleanse, I craved a lot of sugar and now my cravings are a lot less, and I am eating more fruit instead of candy and stuff. I noticed that during the cleanse I was feeling less tired. I am most proud that I was able to complete the 7 day cleanse and I know a few friends that would benefit from this. I would like to keep out sugar, chips, and soda and add in some meat, sushi, and more cooked and raw veggies and fruit.

A.Z age 15

My cravings are pretty much gone and I feel amazing.  I love my energy and how I feel.  Before my cleanse I was always tired, unresponsive and closed minded. After cleansing I feel rejuvenated, healthier and grateful. My new goal is to join a gym and think before I speak. I’m most proud of myself for bringing back my confidence and trying new things. I was surprised by how easy it was to eat real food rather than processed food.

I am thinking clearer, have more energy and pleasantly surprised that I lost 8 pounds of toxins.

J.S. age 18



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