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Testimonials – 5 Day Reset



Testimonials from Cathy Grieco Peytons’ Group- Thank you all for Sharing!

Janet – As of this morning I’m down 5lbs. I’m glad to have taken part in this reset. I will definitely recommend this going forward to family, friends, and clients.

Fran – Lost 1 1/2 Lbs. Feeling Great!

Stacy – I’ve been wanting to say thank you to Cathy Grieco Peyton and Lisa Grieco Smith for starting this 5 Day Reset and for all your encouragement during the process. I could not have predicted such great results….weight loss, inches loss, energy like I have never had before and an end to the cravings! Although the first few days were very rough lol! Thanks again and I would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone!!

Marijo – Thank you Cathy and Barb for organizing this detox plan and helping us stick to it with enthusiasm with all the veggie and smoothee ideas. I feel really good and plan to incorporate the healthy choices as a way of eating every day!

Susan – Feeling great! Did not lose any weight but to be honest did not expect to. Was more interested in gaining muscle mass and preserving what I have. Waistline is slimmer too. The whites of my eyes are whiter too! Anyone else notice that? Having MS has led me down a journey of discovery on how to stop its progression or reverse it. If you give your body the right nutrients it can do that. Several years ago read a book by Dr. Terry Wahls called Minding My Mitochrondria. It is about nutrition and how it can help you improve your brain’s function and health. After taking MS drugs prescribed by my neurologist, I had a severe side effect and because of that my body reacted to every medicine.. I knew I was not going to do the meds anymore even though they told me I should. You just DO NOT tell a nurse to continue taking a medicine that you had a severe reaction to! I have not taken any meds for over 10 years now… It’s Shaklee Life Strips, Shaklee Life Shakes, organic and Non-GMO food for me.!

Kyle – Our 5-day reset has finished but good habits are continuing! Getting some lemon water ready for tomorrow, setting out supplements and snacks, you know the drill. Good job, fellow cleansers! Keep it up.
Kyle -We have switched to various Shaklee supplements and products over the past year and can’t believe how much of a difference they’ve made, from nearly eliminating Chad’s sinus problems and seasonal allergies, to helping me kick a major diet soda habit and lose 12 pounds since December and keep it off

Donna – Hi all, I am posting because I was quite the doubting Donna before I started the 5 day reset. However, I knew I needed to do something as I was drinking 60 ozs of coffee daily and eating junk and feeling meh. I have lost those doubts and wanted to share (you have all encouraged me with your posts).
Three days in and I have lost a bit over 5 pounds. I have energy (without an ounce of coffee)!
I feel better and, while I have stared longingly at the peppermint bark in the fridge, I like what I am doing. I have not cheated.
I am already wondering – so, how do I keep going? I want to be a better, healthier version of me. I cannot go back to the way I was eating and drinking. I am looking forward to continuing on and feeling even better.
I don’t want to lose the momentum and ruin all the resetting that I have done this week. So……..I am working with Cathy Grieco Peyton to figure out how to maintain this satisfying feeling and lose weight

Diane – This was a difficult week to do the cleanse because of dealing with a nasty virus, but I did it. I lost 6.6 lbs! I can’t say I have extra energy, but I definitely don’t feel bloated(like I normally do) I am proud that I stuck with it even though I felt like I wanted to crawl in a cave.

Barb Lost 4 pounds and my energy level has been great. I’ve done lemon water and a shake for years in the
morning – the energy tea is a new thing and I’m going to keep it up. I also noticed that I didn’t have an afternoon slump this week. Absolutely loved the detox salad recipe …it’s scrumptious with all the different ingredients, some things I would not have thought to put together. All in all it’s been a simple, easy week with no hunger and a way to move forward into an even healthier lifestyle. Happy this came before Christmas and New Years when indulging can be a problem. Think I’ll make better choices now just having gone through this.

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Adam – Interesting….had no coffee the last five days and no headache. Had a cup this morning and got a headache! As of this morning I’ve lost 3 pounds! Feeling great!

Pam – Weird thing. I woke-up this morning and gained back one of the 5 lbs I lost. The only difference is that I had larger salads the last couple of nights than the first 2 days: HOWEVER, when I got dressed this morning, my clothes were considerably looser and when I looked in the mirror, my face was much thinner! Figure that one out. I’m taking it as a win!!! And I feel so good. Less bloated, less overall pain.
So I lost the lb. I gained and lost an additional one! 6 in all. I should have drank (drunk?) more water. I’ve had more energy than usual and it was good to get away from the coffee for a while. I’ll probably order the 180 diet kit today. I would love to lose more weight. This week I lost about half of what I gained over the last 3 months! It was a crazy 3 months and it was nice to have some structure this week.

Great week! Had way more energy and was able to stay up past 8:00! I didn’t get on the scale at the beginning bc I just wanted to go by my clothes…and they were a bit looser today and that felt awesome! I’m thinking I will do it again and weigh in this time!

Kathy – Well I made it, even had my tea & a shake for breakfast. I didn’t believe in myself enough to think I could do it, but with 2 awesome leaders, people I have never met & my daughter pushing me , I DID it. Was disappointed when I got on the scales this morning as I was hoping for a change in the numbers but that will happen next time. I do know I feel better, slept better, & even if the numbers didn’t change I don’t feel my belly is as bloated as I have been. That itself is what will push me to join again in Feb. Lisa Grieco Smith & Cathy Grieco Peyton, again THANK YOU for introducing me to resetting our bodies, giving me encouragement when I needed it & just helping me become a more healthy me. Have a wonderful day to all

Dawn – I can’t believe I’ve made it until Friday. I’ve never been able to stick to a plan like this EVER!!! I’m done five pounds and feeling great. I will admit I’m looking forward to a piece of chicken tomorrow night with my dinner

Jean – This is my second round on the 5 day reset. I did the reset a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was challenging but I made it through and felt great. I lost 6 pounds then entered the party hearty holiday season. I gained only 2 pounds back and was pleased with that. So I did the reset again this week. It was easier than the first time although I worked a ton of hours so exercise wasn’t in the cards. Even so, I took off the 2 pounds of holiday craziness plus another 1.5 pounds. So…my total for Dec and Jan. Is 7.5 pounds….wooohooo! Best of all is that I have learned new approaches to eating and nourishing my body. I have come to recognize that much of what I put in my body can be described as habitual patterns not needs or even wants. The 5 day reset is a wonderful way to address habits that no longer serve me. The group support is great so thank you all for the support and great ideas and thank you Cathy and Lisa!

Scott – I did lose some weight, how much not sure. Memory is better. Seem to have more energy. I probably did not drink enough water, but I think it was worth it.

Rachel – Well I just had a major release of not only toxins but a HUGE emotional release as well. It was SUPER intense but I feel so much better now. Remember to continue to LOVE yourself on every level of this journey through life….It’s about a well balanced approach in all aspects of your health…MIND BODY AND SPIRIT. Hugs to all of you! Happy Day 4 my friends!
Weighed myself this morning and even though weight loss was not my main goal. I lost 3.2 lbs and best of all I feel great! Got rid of a lot of toxins on so many levels. WOOHOO! Not stopping now.

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Virginia – Well here is my results from the last 4 weeks: 2 weeks of 5-day Tune-up and Reset Challenge and 2 weeks of my 180 Turnaround 100 day challenge. I have lost a total of 4.5″ > 1″ each off my chest, waist, abdomen and hips and 1/2″ off my thighs. My clothes are looser and I feel lean and awesome.

Rachel – I don’t know about the rest of you, my fellow “RESETTERS”, but I’m growing this week and I’m not talking about my waistline…3 down 2 to go and I’m feeling AMAZING! Keep up the great work!

Jean – Hi Ladies….I lost 4.5 pounds and feel so much lighter. I had a couple days of sugar withdrawals but made it through with support from posts and am so happy I did. I am going to continue many of the new eating habits I learned and may join a new group in January after the festivities of the holidays. I wasn’t able to follow the plan exactly the first day and half and still lost 4.5 pounds…. so I think my next round should surpass 5 pounds. I’m a happy, lighter lady! Thank you Cathy and Lisa and support team….happy holidays!

Julie – End of third day- feeling great! Surprised at how focus and clear thinking this program has resulted for me. Only a slight headache twice. No hungry feelings. Also surprised at how simple it’s been each day. I thought I wouldn’t be able to exercise but I have! So I’m pleased with it and I’m moving forward to the last two days. This program is the start of RESETTING me back on the right healthy eating track!!

Donna – Day 4 and still feeling good!
I am a member of an Online Boot Camp. There are exercises offered online every day that don’t require me to leave the house or spend a fortune on health club memberships that I never use. I have been “dabbling” in my fitness efforts until this week……I now am taking the opportunity to workout every day (only 25 – 30 minutes per day)! Last night, I felt a bit mentally exhausted and overwhelmed. I could not focus on anything. So, at 4:30, I decided to get on the workout clothes and enhance my evening. 30 minutes later, I felt energized, in a better mood and I was able to face the rest of the evening with a smile. I got a lot of work done and addressed several issues that popped up…..I have to admit, I thought I wouldn’t have the strength to exercise while resetting. Boy, was I wrong!

Barb – This morning, after my lemon water and tea, I had the most incredible workout! My energy level and the ease of doing some things I’ve struggled with before has definitely changed.

Monica – Cathy, I woke up at 7 this am(without alarm, on my 1st day off in over 2 weeks) and felt good! Got right up, drank energizing tea, did 2 mile DVD, made almond milk shake with berries, took supplements, then walked/jogged 2 miles outside! I’ve lost just 5 pounds, but that’s 25 percent of my goal! I’m off to look at new job then I may treat myself to a cup of black coffee!! I definitely want to keep going!! Thank you!

Maryanne – It has been a rewarding 5 days of good nutrition and healthy choices. My goal was to kick start to a healthier me. Since the holidays I have been very fatigued and off balance with work and home and of course with my eating habits. Now I am ready to stay healthy. I only lost 1 pound… I am now at 111 pounds. I didn’t want to lose any weight this week. I just wanted to balance my diet and feel energized again. All of you have been so supportive and encouraging, and I thank Pam Budner and the Reset team for including me on this 5 day reset. I’ve come to really love my shakes and snack bars! Thank you!

Pam – I’d like to keep sharing smoothie recipes and salad ideas. I’m down two pounds, but feel like my inch loss has been the more obvious result– those tight rings just twirl around my finger now and I had been thinking about having them resized. And I’ll be looking to participate with some new peeps for the next official round too. I can definitely see the power in repeating this. It’s been a week of big ahas and awakenings! Love the support and encouragement and positivity.

Pamela – One of the best benefits of this week has been becoming more mindful about the food I choose to eat, and also it takes more time to chew those veggies! Sometimes one just reaches for a cookie or sweet thing because others are (social situations), or it’s around the house. With the menu we have had this week, I can opt out easily from the caffeine and sugar because I’m so satisfied with the smoothies and raw food.

Barb – I agree wholeheartedly with Pam. Over the weeks, since the first time I did the Reset, I am much more mindful and continue to shed both inches and pounds. I feel really good and work at making my plate as colorful as possible – fills me up and my cells love it!

Laurel – My only struggle has been trying to eat all these veggies. It’s literally more food than I ever eat. Haven’t lost any weight that I can see, but again I don’t normally eat this much. I may gain a little weight, but I’m eating much healthier so it’s still a win win. I’m loving this.

Donna – I can’t believe it! I feel good despite my cold. I lost 7 pounds and really wasn’t hungry: in fact, sometimes it took effort to eat everything I was supposed to. I did have a bout with chocolate cravings last night, but I watched a movie with my daughter and stayed out of the kitchen (hard to do since the family room and kitchen are attached). Thank you, everyone who posted! It really helped knowing I wasn’t alone and I felt I was being held accountable. Next week, I have to travel for work. Eating well will be a challenge, but I’m going to stay hooked into the group for ongoing encouragement!!

Tashia – I just wanted to THANK Lisa Grieco Smith so much for all your love and support. I finished my reset and lost 5.5 lbs. The warning signs of my toxic body are gone. My belly is feeling better. Most of all, my headache is gone.. I just feel amazing. I look forward to our journey together.

Monica – Day 5!! Down just 4.5 lbs but that’s a good start! Pretty proud of my healthy eating, too!

Betsy – I was very pleased with the results of 5 day reset. I lost 10 #, & it was very noticeable with my clothes, pants esp. I have given up my daily 2-4 cups of coffee – I wake up without that “groggy feeling like I can’t function without a cup” & it is great! I have my 1 cup of energizing tea & am good for the day. I don’t feel the gas & bloating that I normally experience on a daily basis & am not tired all the time. I LOVE the energy I have now- can even stay awake to watch TV @ night! If I do a reset every 6-8 weeks, is that OK? I liked the feeling so much & knowing my past, will usually start to creep back into my bad eating habits by then….
Even though it was hard @ times, the structure & limited diet made it easier in some ways. I find if I don’t have TOO many choices, I do better. Also it is hard for me to come up with different menus that don’t take a lot of preparation ahead of time. My health goals are: continued weight loss; increase exercise & just feeling better!

Melanie – I’m exhausted. Just want to sleep. Must be a sugar addict (no I am). However, I do feel like a weight has been lifted off of my stomach that has been there for way too long. I am sniffing the almond Hershey kisses, so pretty in the candy dish but not eating them because I feel so good! And I’ve lost 4-5 pounds.

Donna – followup – Well, it is now March 14. I am following the Shaklee 180 plan. Lost 4 more pounds after one month (including a work travel week). I still am not drinking coffee and I still feel great. I am exercising 5 days/week and feel fantastic.

Laurel – followup – Donna, I was in the same shape, Feeling sick and tired and knowing I needed a change. Started the reset, within 2 days felt better, more energetic even without coffee. After the 5 days I knew there was no way I was going back to my old ways. I called Cathy and said sign me up for the Turn around plan. I want to continue this because this is not a diet this a a lifestyle. A way to feel great and not feel deprived and hungry. I would work 8 to 12 hours sometimes and not eat and when I did, it wasn’t always healthy food. Now I eat fresh veggies all day and I’m loving it. I had many digestive problems and this program has completely changed that. I’m no longer sick and bloated, and I have even lost belly fat and a few pound as well. I’ve been on the plan for e few weeks now and know this is my life now, and I’m loving it!

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