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The Fresh Start Cleansing Program

is a comprehensive 7 day cleanse,

followed by a 4 week rebuild your health program.


  • The Fresh Start Cleansing Program is based on proven scientific principles.
  • It has been used for more than 20 years to help participants get a “fresh start” on their health!
  • This is a “kick-start” for your weight loss program!

How would you feel about …

  • A BOOST in energy
  • Better Concentration and focus
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced ability to better absorb essential nutrients?


Would you like:

  • Increase energy?
  • Decrease in high blood pressure
  • Decrease in blood sugar and insulin levels?
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Lower C-Reactive protein (the marker for inflammation)
  • Increase in HDL (healthy cholesterol)
  • Lower your diabetic risk?
  • Decrease sleep apnea
  • Reduced symptoms o joint disease – easier to mve
  • Decrease risk of heart disease
  • Decreased incidence of GERD and Acid Reflux
  • Decrease risk of several cancers
  • Decreased stress
  • Increase self-esteem
  • To have your clothes fit better?

These are just some of the benefits to shedding just 15 pounds!

You may want to drop 10 pounds, or maybe you are wanting to drop multiplies of 15 pounds. This plan can work for you like it has for me!


What is the Fresh Start Cleansing program?

It’s a 7 day, safe, simple and successful protocol for better healthy using the Four R steps:

A safe system which Removes those foods and lifestyle practices that have contributed to diminishing your body’s ability to function at its highest level.

A simple process to Replace nutrient-poor foods with nutrient dense ones.

A successful step in beginning the Repair of cells and tissues.

Over time, and with the adoption of the principles of Fresh Start, you can move to Rebuild your body’s health from survive to thrive.It’s never too late fo a Fresh Start!

It’s never too late fo a Fresh Start!


Contact us to today, to see if this is the right program for you!

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