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21 days to a fitter healthier you!

Had a great summer?

Gained a few pounds?

Fall is here, kids are back in school – normal routines are active again. And now we are heading towards the holidays! Yikes! Not possible!

Fall seems like a perfect time  to reflect on how the year has been going. Are the habits and routines heath building? Or not very healthy at all…

Maybe, you, like so many others, are realizing that it’s time to make some changes…

Thinking that getting healthy seems easier to wish, then to do?

Let’s look at some cold hard facts; to get healthy, or reach for optimum health, you need to get rid of the habits, those behaviors that are not working for you, and create new habits and behaviors that do promote your health, and your family’s health.

I think most of us can agree with that, right?

According to the CDC the leading causes of death and disability in the US are Chronic Disease. Diseases that fall into this category include: “heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis to name the most common and costly and preventable health problems.” Did you see that term “preventable health problems.”?

If I came to you, and said, “I’m going to make you have health problems, and be miserable”, and you are going to do this to yourself, wouldn’t that be crazy?

And yet, don’t most folks do that?

I can hear you saying, ok, that’s awful, but change is not so easy.

What do we do instead?

We change our risky behavior!. We can increase our exercise or physical activity, we change our nutrition so it is health giving, not stealing, and we cut out tobacco use, and cut down on drinking alcohol.

How do we do this change? And not be crabby?

Let me share with you a little of my story…

At the age of 50, I stopped smoking and knew that I needed to do something new, something different, to change my habits and routines.

I was so afraid that I would gain a lot of weight! And, I had so much pent up energy from not smoking! Where to put my focus that had been attached to smoking?

To do something different, to make the lifestyle changes that I knew I needed to make, I realized that a supportive group, doing the same thing I was doing, could be the key to success for me! I was the smoker, who liked to party, who didn’t own a pair of walking much less running shoes!

Yet, I signed up and paid to join a  local walking group! We trained to walk the Portland Marathon. Yep, 26.2 miles! I loved it so much that the following year, I ran the Portland Marathon!

I learned a lot about training, discipline, eating, fueling my body so it could do all the exercise I was asking it to do!

And I did this, with a supportive and fun group! What a delight! We had all paid to be in this group, so we all had an investment of not only money, but also our time, our hopes and our dreams.

A marathon might not be what you have in mind, or maybe it is?

Or maybe you would like to train to walk/run/swim a virtual 5k with a group that is supporting you to change how you eat, to change those routines that don’t work for you, and to replace them with healthy new routines and habits?

Does this sound like something you have been looking for?

We are starting a 21 day Program called the”180 Unchallenge”. That’s right, UnChallenge. Why, because most people have enough on their plates already. They need support, and ways to implement the new habits and routines, eating behaviors without stressing over a “Challenge”.

This 21 day program includes changing the way you view and eat food, dropping pounds, using supplements to make sure you are getting all the nutrients that you need,  training for an event, and being supported and supportive to the other members of the group! We have a closed Facebook group that you will be part of.

Does this sound like what you or someone you know is looking for?

Contact me for your intake interview, and discussion of the program!



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