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Welcome to the Healthy Lifestyle Builder!

Welcome to the 180UnChallenge, where we help you

build your healthy lifestyle!

Why an 180 UnChallenge?

  • This is about changing some of the routines and habits that really have not been serving you very well. It’s going to take time, to develop a healthy lifestyle. For many, it takes about 90 days to change any habits that are not helping you –  and then 90 days to cement those habits and keep the weight off.
  • As part of the 180UnChallnege we have developed a 21 day Program. During this 21 day Program, we will supply you with lots of support so you will be a success – by your definition. More on this later.

Why UnChallenge?

  • Being over weight can really suck, right?  It’s stressful enough, who needs more stress in their life? Why not join a supportive, not competitive program to create that Healthy Lifestyle?
  • As I talk with others on this healthy lifestyle journey, so far, none of us have needed more stress in our lives!  Does that describe you, too?

Have you ever been part of a “Challenge” and watched “those people” drop a zillion pounds, in 30 minutes, while you struggle to drop 5 pounds in a month? Was that really helpful?

Not so motivating was it?

Being overweight can become the center of our lives, and our thoughts.

How would you like to change that?

  • Instead of wishing you could climb those stairs, actually being able to?
  • Instead of wishing you had enough energy to play with your kids (or grandkids) being able to?
  • Instead of wanting to walk to the mail box, or the corner store, really being able to?
  • Instead of wishing you could _________________ really being able to!

Being overweight, 10 lbs or 100 or more pounds means that “being overweight” vs “being fit and energized” is the center of our world. Our focus. Our mantra. Our excuse.

And, since one size does NOT fit all, I want to share with you  programs that work. I know, I have been trained in them AND used them! These programs are all based on science and sound nutrition. They  are healthy, are good for you, actually work AND we have a supportive environment on Facebook for support!

Did I mention that these programs work, if you work them? This is no magic pill. No instant health. We all know there is no such thing.

Healthy Lifestyle Builder

I can hear you say, Okay Robin, so what is this Healthy Lifestyle Builder and how did you find it? Will we see a picture of you at a zillion pounds, then 1 year later with six pack abs?

Nope, I’m just a normal 65 year old women, wanting to be fit and healthy. I want to be able to ride my bike for 30 miles comfortably with friends  (which I do),  to run 1/2 marathons (13.1 miles, which I do) and hike our local area with out concern. I want to support my body, as it has supported me for all these years. And, I hope, many more years!

I have been trained in the  “Nedra Sahr’s 7 Day Fresh Start Cleanse” and also participated in the cleanse. Nedra has her Masters in Nutrition, is an amazing women and  has been doing 7 Day Fresh Start Cleanse’s for over 10+ years. She has helped so many people! She really knows what she is doing! AND it’s all  based on science, not fads!

When I did the 7 Day Fresh Start Cleanse, a whole new world of food, of flavors, of tastes and eating, opened up to me! Not to mention that I lost 5.8 lbs, 2 inches and 1 % body fat!

I’m pretty savvy and aware when it comes to eating, nutrition etc. but this experience was awesome! And, of course, being a connector, I wanted to share it with everyone!

And I realized, one size doesn’t fit all.

A few months later, who knew how life can get in the way of awesome new eating habits? It happened to me!  I turned to the  5 Day Reset to. to get back on track.  Another great program! A little less demanding, and a bit more forgiving. And once again, I got great results!  On the Reset I lost 3.8 pounds and a total of 3 inches!

And, I realized that some folks just needed to get healthy right now, and do either the Reset or the 7 Day Fresh Start Cleanse later, when their life had settled down some.

Which group are you in?  We have included a plan comparison for you, to make the choice a much easier. And, you can move through the plans, depending on what works for you now.

Free Health Consultation

Before we start, we need to figure out where you are, right now, with your food. This quick little 4 minute, yes you can do it on your phone, assessment will really help.

Then, we will debrief and talk about what you learned, and your goals, can talk about which program fits your goals and your life style.

Ready? Click here for the 4 minute assessment called the Healthprint!  Next the free 20-minute health consultation! Please fill in the contact info form, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to set up your appointment time.

How to pick the right program for you:

21 Days to a Healthier You! Often we are targeting a local and 5K  Walk/Run. It can be vitural or real life. And, we are also offering the 21 day Plank Challenge!

Ready? Check out comparison chart below, to help give you an idea of what each program include.  Or, click here to skip right to the 21 Days Plan.


Contact us to today, to see if this is the right program for you!





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